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The central concern of this studio is the propositional nature of architectural design. Taking the position that architecture is necessarily more than a response to a predetermined set of conditions, more than a clever solution to a set of functional requirements, this studio will argue for the critical agency of architecture, and engage with the inherently speculative nature of architectural design.

Architecture as HYPOTHESIS.

As a departure point for the studio, students will engage with a hypothetical architecture for a hypothetical city:

The Gallery of Australian Design and The University of Canberra are running a national design ideas competition for the design of a new Prime Ministers residence in Canberra. The competition is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects and has a prize pool of $110,000, including a winner’s prize of $80,000. All members of the studio will be presented with an opportunity to enter the competition, which includes potential for exhibition and publication. Students will be encouraged to critique the competition brief, and will be given the opportunity to leverage the complexities of the project to develop their own proposition. Radical and provocative schemes that engage the core questions of the project as they relate to identity (national and individual), landscape and the city, display and representation, formality, ritual and domesticity, set against the rich and complex context of the Griffins’ vision for Canberra will be expected.

With a competition deadline 8 weeks into the semester in early May, students will be expected to work quickly and with immediacy from the outset. It is anticipated that a number of research trips and seminars relevant to the project will be conducted throughout the studio, and a field trip to Canberra is an open possibility subject to further discussion.

Subsequent to the submission of competition documents, the final weeks of semester will present students with an opportunity to further engage specific areas of their project in detail. Perhaps testing their hypothesis through speculative design, or refining a particular component of their proposal in more detail, maybe even reinterpreting their competition scheme through the use of radical media, these final weeks will be a period of design-based reflection in an open and critical environment.


Hypothesis: The Lodge on the Lake
Liam Eastop

Hypothesis: The Lodge on the Lake

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